A Certainty! Are You Fit? Part3


Title: A Certainty! Are You Fit? Part3
Text: Luke 9:57-62
1. In 2018, there will be temptation, but God is faithful, and He will give you a way to escape.
2. In 2018, unresolved issues will arise!
Rise take up your bed, and walk (to rise means to take responsibility)
3. Harsh? (See Matt 12:46-50 & Matt 15:25,26
4. In 2018,there will be times when you will say no to the Lord.
-how many have promised to do something and haven’t followed through?
-How many promises have been made to you that haven’t been kept?
A. Is there room?
Do you read, meditate, and apply the word?
B. Will your actions lead to life? Not just about you!!
C. First?
Make Him first /First fruit
You promise Him something and not follow through, in essence you’re telling Him No.
5. Look back? Dont!!!
– sorrow, pain, bitterness and resentment look back
* someone you haven’t forgiven in 2017, you better let that thing go)*
– worry looks around
– and Faith look forward
-sometimes we stay stuck because we’re worried about what someone else isn’t doing.
-some focus more on the crowd than the Lord.

Are you Fit for 2018?
*Sometimes we have to punch above our weight*
– as you’re driving in the light the journey is a little easier, but when driving in the dark you need that light ahead of you.
-I will not go back!!!
-being fit means to be in position, being in position means to follow the Lord.
-Spiritual fitness/stand behind Him

Bonus Youth Sermon: Psalm 119: 35-37
Maturity, putting others first, things of value such as education
2018 Theme for our youth: Being Responsible

Pastor Richard M. Gibson

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