A Certainty (Part 4)! What An Opportunity!

Title: A Certainty (part 4)! What An Opportunity!
Text: Mark 5: 1-10
1. Certainty Recap
– temptation, unresolved issues will come back
– God a priority? That will be challenged.
2. Context and Characteristics- strong physically and emotional.
-has anyone ever written you off?
-he was tormented and angry
-can you relate, put your name in place of Legion
3. Demons and Spirits are real! Contemporary or current circumstances?
-theres a certainty that this year you will become angry
-if you don’t deal with it in the correct way it will impact the way your year will go. (Relationships, Jobs)
4. Anger is an emotional or emotive response to not getting what you need or want.
A Sin??? No, even God gets angry.
Ephesians 4:26/ James 1:19.20/ James 4:1-3/ Ecclesiastes 7:9, 10
*Our youth with unchecked anger will lead to one of two places death or jail.
5. A.Pray and discern- even in pray remain aware
B..engage-just talk with them
C..listen-they dont always need your listings of life
D. authority-walk in it. God didnt assign you to let your children run your household.
E.action-asked his name, never answered but gave his need
address the need, provide an opportunity for their voice and show love.
6. Recurring problem?
Job interview we highlight our strengths and downplay our weaknesses. What are our weaknesses??
-we treat God like an interview,stop……..put ALL thoses things out there on the Altar
* Example: Lord please fix my marriage. Answer: Well are you talking.
7. Emotional or Emotive responses
– Legion held nothing back, he poured it all out there
– Only direct unmet needs to the one that can answer them.

Pastor Richard M Gibson

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