“How Long”


Title: How Long?
Text: Matthew 14:22-33
1. Lord willing in 2018 are you willing to get in the boat?
-there were things that could have happened if you just got in the boat
2. Put out in the deep? Luke 5:1-4
-to be successful in 2018 you’ve got to go a little further
-you can’t catch the fish you need in shallow water
-What is the deep for you??
3. Who’s responsible for the storm?
-when it comes look to Jesus Matthew 8:25-27
-some wont get the storm because you never cast out into the deep.
4. Right side -focus John 21
-put your nets out on the right side of the boat
5.Leave the crowd for relationship
-get in the boat
-Religion is God’s people coming together to learn about Him, worship, and praise
-leave the crowd and go into the nursing home, prisons, schools, your neighborhoods
-you’re still going to make mistakes but reach for examples in Christ.
-sometimes God tells you to leave the crowd so that you can receive His blessing. “Great Grace”
6. Someone is praying for you…….
7. How Long? Come
-The GPS works in the water and in the deep.
-situation might be crazy but they always give a way to look back to Him.
-remember how you got here
-Peter sank because he took his sight off Jesus
-At some point you will take your eyes off Jesus/you need to be able to recover.
-2018 negativity is coming but refocus on Jesus
-In the deep ypu need relationship
-When the Lord calls………Come
*think about this, the only way you will make 2018 is by invitation* James 4
-Look For Him

Richard M Gibson, Pastor

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