If You Really Knew…..Would It Matter?


Title: If you really knew…..would it matter?
Text: 1 Corinthians 16:13-24 (KJV)&(NRSV)
-Paul writing to the people of Corinth
-we have to encourage but with Love
14th chap is based on love
15th Prophesy
16th Instruction

1) Be mature- – – stand
At some point you’ve got to come off the milk!!
2)All-speech, actions, and thoughts in love?
“ As a man think the, so is He”
What would happen if I let the filters work more?
Ecclesiastes 5:2
– every machine has a filter
*an example a car runs rough with a dirty filter, ours is the Holy Spirit
3) Addicted?
-a passion…. going at it hard
Labor and Service?
4) Rejoice-thankful!
– as often as you can tell your spouse, thank you
-healthy relationships start with God…..tell him thank you before asking for anything.
*Have you refreshed anyone’s spirit in the Lord? Or is it always about you??
5) Home Cooking
– bases of stability starts in the home.
6) Consequences-Anathema
– if you don’t love Him….??
7) Consequences-Maranatha?
Double entendres/ dual meaning
Our Lord comes/ our Lord has come

~Youth Sermon Bonus~
What’s your passion? A question posed to our young people.
Pastor Richard M. Gibson

Sermon Notes From Sister Kim Mills

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