Sermon “A Certainty” Part 2

Title: A Certainty
Text: John 5:1-14
1) Recap- Temptation a Certainty? (First Sunday’s message)
Keys to Resistance: Luke 4:18,19
a) Led by the Spirit
b) Grounded in the Word/Sword
c)Jesus example and discipline
d) Prayer
e)God is faithful!
2) Context-3rd Miracle
early in His ministry John 5:8
3) Just because the calendar has changed…..
doesnt mean the unresolved issues are gone
*this is the prophetic word for 2018* ?
4)Why not:
a) enviroment
b) time wasn’t on his side
-have you ever looked for something and it still hasnt happened?
c) the line/ everytime you take a step someone jumps ahead of you
d) the answer
– he never asked the question
– if we dont know our issue, how do we know what to pray for
– sometimes we’re sick but have become so comfortable with our condition
e) sabbath
– how are you gonna come to church dressed like that?
how are you gonna come to church without your Bible?
f) who?
-you better know who He is!!!!
– Jesus found him in the temple
5) What just happened? The solution? A certainty?
a) finance issues……its coming back
relationship issues….coming back
time not invested…..coming back
b) How do we deal with? 2 Corinthians 12:7-9/ Hebrews4:14-16/ 1 Corinthians 10:13
-Rise means to take responsiblilty for your actions, the man missed part of his instruction.
sometimes “we’re looking for someone else to do it”
*get off your rusty dusty*
-To see a condition but yet do nothing means you’ve decided not to “Rise Up”
– taking up you bed means to take up what has previously enslaved you
– be consistent/ Walk with Me
If we come in just on Sundays, while we’ve got people incarcerated, homeless, and hospitalized……it doesnt work.
The God who provided in 2017 is the same God providing your 2018
“A Certainty” that He still sits on the throne.
Jesus dealt with the need, there’s more to ministry outside of Christian Education.

Pastor Richard M Gibson

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