Sermon: “What If”


Title: What If….?
Text: Exodus 3:10-14 / Exodus 4:1-17
A. What If….becomes why not? The reason or excuses?
-how often has God asked you to do something and you begin to make excuses why you cant?
Moses’ list of excuses
1. Me? Focused on the adversary
-cant focus on the enemy. God said He’ll be with you!!!
2. His power? I AM…..who you need (the most complete response)
�-He is who he says He is.
3. The people? Triple threat or Trifecta
– drive, pass, or shoot
� -going for the big prize.
Trifecta…..the staff(direction)
-we have all this and we wait to do something because we feel we don’t have the resources/ press on He’ll bless at exactly the right time.
4. Skills? Mouth-inside and thoughts!
� -you might feel you’re not qualified.
– what happens if you don’t use your gifts?
5. Whoever, whomever, somebody else?
– Moses is defending his position but not what’s right.
6. Moses’ resume:
orphan, survivor of infanticide decree, minority, murderer,
�trifecta of ”fight, flight, or freeze and self doubt.
B. What If…..?
– what has God called you to do.
— “can’t” is a contraction/ contractions bring things together. Remove the T and it becomes “CAN”
*God has callled you to do great things
Never shutdown God‘s plan by saying “I cant”*

Pastor Richard M Gibson/ Text by Sis Kim Mills

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