Thank You, Oh God For The PROMISE


Text: Isaiah 9:6/ Galatians 3:7/ Galatians 3:26/ Galatians 3:26/ Galatians 3:29
1) GOD Made a PROMISE-Isaiah 9:6
-Salvation built within this message
-Jesus’ earthly parents were special vessels
2) CHRIST Fulfilled the PROMISE-Galatians 3:7
-We are part of the seed of Abraham
-he believed without seeing {faith}
-Only Christ himself was qualified
3)The HOLY SPIRIT became the PROMISED Blessing-Galatians 3:26/ Galatians 3:14
-the Spirit works in us
-it will let us know when we’re not Christ-like
4) We/I Enjoy the BLESSINGS-Galatians 3:29
-the relationship and only the relationship…..
-God keeps His promises Genesis 12:7/ Romans 4:12
-No matter who’s in The White House, Christ still sits on the throne
-we sometimes make promises that we cant keep,But God made a promise His Son fulfilled
-the SON that shines on the just will also shine on the unjust.

*He accomplished His task*
What a Hope

Elder Frank J. Kidd iii @ 8 O’clock service

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